Insync Consultants LLC, is an IT consultant firm based in Dallas Texas.

Our IT services include network troubleshooting, office maintenance contracts, system administration, network security assessments and data recovery. Our system analysts are fluent in UNIX, Linux, BSD and Microsoft Windows.

Network and Internet security expertise has been up to now in the hands of two parties: The multitude of "Hackers" and automated software that constantly probes the Internet to compromise vulnerable servers, or the large Consulting firms that sell high priced security audits, and use their experts to design and implement network security policies.

It is our belief that Internet, Intranet and network security cannot be achieved with the present “magic bullet” security solutions offered by many Corporations.

With the exponential growth of threats, Computer security must now be addressed by all users using their Intranet, or the Internet, and not only the companies that can afford the high priced expert security assessments.

Our professional staff will work with you to design, install, administrate and maintain your network. Whether its a LAN or WAN, Microsoft Windows XP, 2003 or UNIX based operating systems, our staff has the power, experience and knowledge to find the right solution for your company. Our services are affordable to deal with the incessant appearance of new vulnerabilities and threats.

Please contact our office for on-site service in the Dallas Metroplex, and surrounding areas.



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Dallas Linux, Unix Consultants. Internet and network security auditing

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